This page is for get-together activities of the Ch.E. '87.

I Carillo Patingo now in Chicago also has not been home for 4 years nows plan to have a vacation on  29th of July and be back on the 13th of August and wishes to see all classmates on that time.....See you  everyone.

Flordeliza Pasaporte Garcia now in New York and has not been home for 4 years now, will be coming home on July or August of 2008.

Marilou Berus Dedel now in Canada will also be coming home for a vacation on August of 2008.
PLease be informed that Ms Mary Joan Cordova who is now residing in New Jersey will be coming home hopefully these December 2008.

Vivencio Buyco will be having a vacation tentatively scheduled on October 2008.

Cecil Sequio Gumban will have a christening for her baby girl this coming April 2008 and take note all classmates that are not Godparents will be Godparents this time to her baby girl. Details will be posted soon. 

Sheila Infante Pagunsan here on December of 2009.  Plan for Christmas Party at Lisa Montero's place.

If you want your schedules to be posted here please do Contact Us and we will be posting every activities we are going to have.